Connecting with Connection ID
Connection ID is your unique number of a Remotly connection session. It is used to connect devices to your PC computer. The user who connects using Connection ID has the same access level as the user who is connected using an invitation.
To learn how to invite users check How to create Remotly invitations for other users.
Where to find Connection ID?
Connection ID is displayed on the left side, below “Share this computer” phrase.
How to use Connection ID
You do not need Remotly account to share your computer via Connection ID. You can copy this number to the clipboard by clicking on it or send by email using “SHARE VIA EMAIL” button.
The person to whom you send your Connection ID needs a Remotly account to connect to you. To create an account, follow the tutorial in the application or Create a new Remotly Account now
Now the user who you want to invite has to enter the given Connection ID in the field to the right under the phrase: “Connect to Remote Computer” and click "CONNECT NOW"
Every time you try to connect to a user via Connection ID, he or she must approve (or reject) such a connection.
A user who is logged into Remotly application with Remotly Account can connect to PCs using the Connection ID. He/she may do so by clicking Connect using ID on the right side above the list of devices.

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