Empty device list on Remotly – what to do?
This tutorial will solve your problems with empty device list when installing Remotly on your mobile Android device for the first time.
Empty devices list
If you see that your device list on your Android device looks like presented above you should install Remotly on the PC you want to control remotely [download Remotly app] or ask your friend who uses Remotly application to create an invitation for you [tutorial on creating invitations]. After following one of these steps your list, with already a device added, should look like the one presented below.
Deleting a device from the list
To delete a device from the list you must:
On Android device: hold with your finger the device you want to delete, when the pop-up window appears tap “Remove”
...and then confirm it.
On Windows PC: when your devices list is open click the remove icon from the device's bar and confirm the action.
ATTENTION! When you delete the device from the list it will be required to run Remotly and login onto this device to add it to the list again.

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