Account and plans
Creating a Remotly account is crucial in order to utilize the full potential of Remotly. Learn how to create Remotly account and about plan options that are available.
Creating Remotly Account
Remotly account is needed to use many of the application's features, like:
  • Fast and easy connecting to your PCs using devices lists
  • Creating invitations to allow other Remotly users to remotely control your PC
  • Full access to Remotly applications settings
  • Access to online management panel
  • Remotly account is required to upgrade to a higher, more advanced plan
To create an account click the following link: Create Account
Remotly licensing options
You may choose between several licensing options available, depending on the additional features that you need. Check all options here
Connect Anywhere
Connect Anywhere allows to connect to a server computer regardless of any technical obstacles, like firewalls and NATs.
Higher plans offer more cloud data transfer. You can purchase more cloud data transfer if you need it.

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