Basics of playing PC games on Android mobile device
With Remotly software you can run and play any PC game on your Android device in outstanding HD or 4K quality. Please follow this tutorial to learn the basics of playing PC games on Android devices.
Run PC game on your Android device with Remotly
Run Remotly app on your Android mobile device and connect to your PC. If you have any problems please see the following tutorial:
Now, to run a game use Desktop control mode, navigate mouse cursor over your PC game icon and double click to run it.
Game Control mode and layouts on Android devices
Remotly automatically switches to Game Control mode when a fullscreen PC game is detected and displays a game control layout.
TIP: If Remotly app does not automatically switch to Game control mode, you can manually switch to this mode. Open Remotly Menu and select
Switch to Game Control.
Game control layouts consist of buttons, touchpads, sliders and other controllers that may be used to control PC games on your Android device. Every layout includes 4 standard buttons:
  • Open Menu button (top-right corner) opens the Remotly Menu
  • Open Keyboard button (top-right corner) shows Keyboard to input text, shortcuts or to navigate through PC game menu
  • Mouse control button (top-left corner) provides a fullscreen touchpad to easily navigate with mouse cursor
  • Quick edit mode button (top-left corner) allows to quickly move game controls
Remotly app includes game control layouts manager that allows you to quickly preview layouts, assign layouts to games and fully customize them.
Customize game control layouts
Remotly app provides a set of default game control layouts. For the best experience, it is recommended to adjust or fully customize a layout for your PC game.
Please open application Menu and select Game Control Layouts manager.
Game Control Layouts manager provides a list of default layouts. Find a layout that suits your game best and hold your finger for a while to show the layout options.
Duplicate layout. We recommend using your PC game title as a name for a new layout. Select your new layout, tap Apply to assign this layout to your PC game and then tap edit button.
With the layout editor you can move buttons, change their size, assign new key or mouse events, remove and add new buttons and controllers. Customize your new layout to match your PC game needs. Tap Accept and then tap Apply.
To learn more about game control customization please see the following tutorial:
Play a game, check if it suits your needs and use Layout editor for further adjustments (if required).

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