Connecting a mobile device to your PC
This tutorial requires that Remotly apps are already installed on PC and your Android device and that you have an active Remotly Account.
Setup Remotly on PC
Run Remotly on your PC and login with your Remotly Account name and password.
Successful login to Remotly is displayed with popup info.
Setup Remotly app on Android device
Please make sure that Remotly is running on PC and status is Logged in. Run Remotly app on your Android device. On the login screen please enter your Remotly Account Username/E-mail and Password and click Login.
After successful login you will see a list of devices on your screen. This screen shows a list of PCs available for connection. Tap on any PC that is ready for connection.
Connecting to PC
Remotly Android app starts connecting with Remotly on your PC and connection popup is displayed.
After successful connection you will see a desktop from your PC on your mobile device.
Now you can start to remotely control your PC and play PC games on your Android smartphone or tablet.
Device authorization
To keep your PC secure, every Android mobile device that connects to your PC for the first time must be authorized. To authorize a device please go to your PC and confirm device authorization.

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