Getting started
Remotly provides the ultimate performance for Windows desktop remote control and playing PC games on Android devices. To get started, download and install applications for your PC and for your Android mobile device.
Please read the following information to learn what is needed for your PC and Android mobile devices to start playing with Remotly
Remotly for PC
Download and install on your PC the latest version of Remotly:
Free Remotly app for Android
Install the latest Remotly app on your Android device:
Create free Remotly Account
Creating Remotly Account is free (no credit card information is required) and allows you to easily and quickly connect Android mobile devices to a PC. You can create your free Remotly Account using Remotly website or using Remotly PC application tutorial.
To create Remotly Account using the website click the following link: Create a new Remotly Account now
System requirements
Remotly app requires network connection to work. It may be any mobile network connection or WiFi. 5GHz WiFi or LTE or 5G is recommended for the best experience. Remotly app requires minimum Android version 4.1.
Thats it!
Now you are ready to enter your username and password to both applications and start to remotely control your PC!

Find out yourself

Download now and start using Remotly for free. The fastest and most stable remote access app on the market!