Security – Device authorization
Remotly puts the security of data which is sent and the privacy of its users in the first place. We have implemented all necessary security measures needed for comfortable and secure use of Remotly. Here you will learn how to authorize devices.
Logging in
Logging into Remotly Server application on your PC is possible only with the user name and password you have used while creating your Remotly Account. If you don’t have an active Remotly Account see tutorial: Account Creation.
Device authorization
Remotly includes security features to keep your PC, privacy and data safe. To protect your PC against unauthorized connections, every device (both Android and PC) that connects to your PC for the first time must be authorized. Only authorized devices can connect to your computer and remotely control your PC. To authorize a device you must accept device authorization on your server PC.
Important information: To make your PC secure please remember to keep your Remotly account username and password safe and never confirm authorization of unknown devices!
Clearing authorized devices
Use the “Settings/Security” tab to see the list of devices that have been authorized by you in the past. At any time, you can remove all authorized devices using “Remove all” button. Devices removed from this list will not be able to connect to your PC until you authorize them again.

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